Gabriel M. AGUIRRE

Computer Scientist

If a machine is expected to be infallible, it cannot also be intelligent. —A. Turing

Ingénieur Développeur et Analyste de Systèmes Senior très expérimente avec des fortes compétences en PHP, Perl, intégration fullstack, migration, administration des systèmes et méthode agile.

I’m a Computer Scientist who does PHP and Perl Development, LAMP server installations, and systems management.

Due to my involvement with a computer science research lab at the University of Minnesota, I was propelled into the real-word of back-end development, applications consulting for end-clients, midrange systems, and later on learned to use PHP for more WWW-centric end-user solutions.

My experiences in post-sales customer support, project planning, midrange production support, and data and platform migrations have cemented the importance of good practices, project planning, efficient coding, and architecture and interface design.

I am certain I can help your company’s projects arrive to their destination.

Currently based in Paris, France, I can work with you on-site as well as off-site.

You may take a peek at a sample of one of my interests: www.gmaphoto.com

  • Email : canio-at-hotmail.com
  • LinkedIn : http://linkedin.com/in/gabrielmaguirre
  • Residence : Paris, France

Computer Languages


Years of Experience


Awards Won


Languages Spoken


Listen. Be reactive, responsible, and responsive. Don't forget to listen.


Don't overdo, do be robust.


Don't reinvent the wheel. Be creative. Know when to fly and when to hold your ground.



PHP 5/7

Raw coding; functional, procedural and object-oriented. Migration. Zend1/3, Laravel 6/7, Symfony 3/4/5. PHP 5.x to 7 migrations.


Perl 5

Raw coding; functional, procedural, and object-oriented; lexical and XS. I love it too much.


Best Practices

Your evangelist and firm believer in business rules collection and definition, Agile Development, smart coding and End-User Interface.


Laravel / Symfony

Strong RESTful API experience and enterprise-level migrations.



Server installation, configuration and maintenance. I can guide you to understand your data schemas for a smoother migration. Data mapping is not a dirty job, and somebody must eventually help you do it right.



Server installation, configuration, and maintenance.

  • Agile Development 95%
  • Agile/Scrum 95%
  • Team Leadership 98%
  • English 100%
  • Français 95%
  • Español (Castellano) 100%

I am available.


  • Supermood

    Sr. Fullstack Developer

    Online SaaS marketing and analytics platform. PHP 7 object-oriented. MySQL in LAMP (Docker / Google Cloud) architecture. Frameworks: Laravel 5.x/6, AngularJS, Angular 6.

  • Launchmetrics

    Online SaaS marketing and analytics platform for Fashion, Luxury and Cosmetics professionals. PHP 7 object-oriented. MySQL in LAMP (Docker / AWS) architecture. Native and framework-based solutions: Laravel 5, Symf3, Gulp, jQuery.

  • ACENSI Ingénierie

    Sr. Fullstack Developer / Analyst

    Sr. Fullstack Developer for GDF (Engie) & BNP Paribas.  Perl5, PHP 5/7 object-oriented. PostgreSQL, MySQL in LAMP architectures.  Native and framework-based (Symf2, Zend1/3) solutions. jQuery and Bootstrap 3 integration. IHM/CMS development from scratch.

  • Augsburg Fortress Publishers

    Sr. Web Developer / System Analyst

    Sr. Fullstack Developer & Sys Admin -- Perl5, PHP5 and jQuery web applications; vmWare Win/LAMP systems admin. PHP5/VB architecture and MySQL/SQL server migration  

  • TAJ Technologies

    Consultant for Target, Inc. Headquarters in Minneapolis, MN, USA. Perl (object-oriented programming, module creation, and documentation) Compilation and installation in HP-UX environment; VB.Net/Perl integration; Oracle SQL, Korn scripting, XML-based solutions; Unit-testing planning and execution; Code…

  • Express Scripts, Inc.

    Pharmacy Benefit Management middleware support specialist. Java development for CORBA-based server/client solutions; Perl and Korn scripting in HP-UX, AIX and Solaris platforms; WebSphere and DB/2 services monitoring; Critical systems maintenance and troubleshooting 24/7 rotation; Deployment…

  • Fingerhut Companies

    Sr. Programmer Analyst. Perl development and integration with Banta CMS via Orbix and Oracle DBI; Unix, WinNT and MacOS cross-platform development; Systems testing, database trigger maintenance; Oracle and MS-SQL stored procedures; Broker and maintain relationships…

  • University of Minnesota – Institute of Technology

    Bachelor of Computer Science degree. Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. 1999. Concentration in Artificial Intelligence, software engineering, database design, and Internet programming. Minor in Spanish Literature from the College of Liberal Arts.

  • ITESM (Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey)

    Campus San Luis Potosí, SLP, Mexico. High School diploma - studies with sciences track; bilingual program (courses taught either in English or Spanish). ISC - begun college studies in Computer Systems Engineering; transferred to University…


  1. Requirements

    Identify Client needs, business rules, assets, and constraints.

  2. Checkpoint

    Review plan or evolution with team; address timeline and identified issues with Client.

  3. Implementation

    Best Practices; inline doc; balance brute (goto a), vs esoteric (a||b ? x : y) forces. Be a user. Checkpoint.

  4. Review

    UX, unit testing. QA. Checkpoint. Validate.

  5. Delivery

    Whole or fractioned, accompany and support Client feedback.


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